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Sleeper train – Bangkok to Chiang Mai

After missing my first chance of the sleeper train from Malaysia, due to cancellation, I was super excited to get the chance at doing it again. Truth is, as a mode of transport I love trains. Buses are uncomfortable, due to the stupidity of others on the road cars scare me, and well planes are in the bloody sky! I like my travel, like my people, down to earth. At least on a train you can get up, walk around, stick your head out the window (careful) and have a piss!


Striking a pose in Hualamphong Station (Krungthep) – Bangkok’s Main Railway Station

We booked a 2nd class sleeper, which cost about 800THB, always choose the lower bunk as it has more room! We were very excited about sessioning in the train, as we had heard so many great stories of a party carriage /restaurant. To our surprise when we got on there were signs everywhere stating absolutely no alcohol. After a bit of googling we found out why…. …. Must stop googling on my travels. Due to this horrific incident, there is now a large amount of police and security presence on the train, which will add to your comfort.

Lower Bunk - Leg Room

Lower Bunk – Leg Room

After settling in into our bunks, and ordering our food (200THB) for a set meal, having that festival camping feeling, we decided to do the sneaky and pour vodka and beer into plastic bottles. Staff and security on the train copped this straight away, and giving us a knowing cheeky smile, turned a blind eye. I think if you are not going to be loud and smashed, they really do not mind. We were quite lucky to have got a carriage where a few others were doing the same, and so a mini session ensued. A lot of laughs getting to know fellow travellers, all the while we were on our very best behaviour.

Polaroid fun of the shenanigans

Polaroid fun of the shenanigans

I woke up in the morning to the sun shining, and the wistful sound of the train running on the tracks, seeing the beautiful Thai countryside outside my little window. I had a great sleep but it’s not to say it is for everyone. I did feel very safe on the train, and there were a lot of westerners using this form of travel through out Thailand.  For the last part of the journey, I nestled down in my little cubby hole, reading my book and glancing up ever now and again to take in the stunning scenery as we whizzed by.


Would love to experience this again at some point in other countries.

C x

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